The Core Values of Summit

Like-Minded Community

We believe we’re a part of a bigger community, a like-minded tribe aligned around God’s purposes. We don’t have all the answers, but children, parents, and staff all have important parts to play. Summit encourages community partnerships and realize that involving community is part of our success.


We believe children are innately curious, and need a learning environment that cultivates their curiosity. Summit is focused to create an environment where creativity is the fuel for learning.

Life-Long Skills

We believe in lifelong learning. Summit learners practice critical thinking, collaboration, and emotional intelligence, as they keep growing into the best version of themselves. Summit staff also believes that even we as the adults, are simply your child's Guide, guiding them along the lifelong journey of learning.

Project Based Learning

We believe children learn best on their own pathway. We encourage our learners to take responsibility for their own learning, think independently, and embrace challenges along the way. One of the ways that we accomplish this is through Project Based Learning. For example, instead of our students learning just about volume from a textbook, they went to the Humane Society, measured the kennels and calculated the volume, area, and perimeter. Students then wrote a persuasive essay from the perspective of a dog that they wanted to be adopted. In art, the learners then drew a picture of that dog. Project Based Learning allows and encourages more cross-curricular learning.

Developing Character

With purpose and Godly character, we believe our students will grow into their callings and change the world. We help them develop honesty, hard work, responsibility, kindness, and empathy. Our students meet in weekly circles (in partnership with Valor Compass) as they work through and earn various characted badges. At Summit, we focus not only on academics, but the social emotional learning of the whole child as well.